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In 2020, Microsoft Plans to End the Console Wars in 4 Steps.

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Holiday season 2020, both Sony and Microsoft plan to launch new, so-called next-generation versions of the PlayStation and the Xbox. Goodbye, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Hello, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X! pawn shop castle hill bronx ny It marks the fourth game console “generation” that Microsoft and Sony…

The New Owner of the 2nd Biggest Diamond In History

The largest rough diamond discovered since 1905, the 1,758-carat Sewelo, was revealed with great fanfare last April, named in July and then largely disappeared from view. Now it has resurfaced with a new owner — and it’s not a name you might expect.diamond jewelry store in castle hill bronx It…

Gold Prices Close at a 7 Year High. Time to Sell Gold in the Bronx.

gold prices riuze to 7 year highs - Pawn Shop Castle Hill Bronx NY
Gold futures on Monday marked their highest settlement since April of 2013, as the killing last week of a top Iranian military commander, Qassem Soleimani, reverberated through financial markets, momentarily upending appetite for assets considered risky and boosting traditional haven assets like gold.Pawn Shop Castle Hill Bronx NY February gold…

Great iOS Tips and Tricks for your new Iphone.

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iphone ios tips and tricks - iphone repair Bronx ny
If you got a new iPhone for the holidays, you’ve probably already gone through some of the initial setup and configured things like Face ID. But, there’s a whole lot more you can do with your new iPhone, thanks to the latest iOS 13 update that rolled out in September.…

San Fran Amends Laws to Allow Apple Face ID.

After San Francisco in May placed new controls, including a ban on facial recognition, on municipal surveillance, city employees began taking stock of what technology agencies already owned. They quickly learned that the city owned a lot of facial recognition technology—much of it in workers’ pockets.cell phone repair castle hill…